The Dream is Alive!

Welcome to Medical Inheritance!

Its been a long time coming; from being a seemingly unreachable dream of a shy high school student, to a hypothetical idea for a college class project, to a defunct half built blog about my experiences as a transitioning patient. But it’s not defunct any more!

Some of the pages are still in development, for example the Healthcare Resources. But the site is launched and as any website designer knows, the tweaking never ends.

We have many ideas for our little community. If you would like to get involved connect with us on Facebook or Twitter, or come to one our monthly meetups!

Actor Jean Wilder dressed as Dr. Frankenstein while screaming. He's wearing a white turtleneck shirt and stethoscope in his years. On the left side of the image are the words It's alive! in a spooky font.
Jean Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein from the movie “Young Frankenstein” (1974)