About Us

We're a peer-to-peer support group for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, both visible and invisible.

We aim to improve the transition between pediatric and adult healthcare by providing resources to help manage your care, communicate with new doctors, and connected with a community who know first-hand what its like to have a chronic illness.

Why is it "Medical Inheritance"?

The name Medical Inheritance comes from how I felt when my parents gave me my medical records. Since so much happened when I was a small child, it felt like I was being given someone else's information; a stack of papers passed on to me, much like one might receive a family heirloom after a grandparent passes away.

Accessibility to Healthcare

Born between the 1980's and mid-1990's Gen-X or "Millenials" are the first group of children with chronic illnesses and disabilities to enter adulthood on a large scale. Gen-Y is now following us. With the rise of medical technology, the ability to survive previously fatal childhood conditions has risen dramatically. Quality of life has improved for so many as treatments, therapies and mobility aids have improved.

The Americans with Disability Act of 1990 was passed to prepare for this fact, and yet thirty years later our country is still lacking in basic accessibility. The understanding of what life is like with a disability or chronic illness is limited; the general public often don't understand how symptoms can change from day to day, or how they vary from person to person. No matter what illness or disability you have, whether you use a mobility aid, have a bag full of pills or neither, whether your condition is visible or invisible, mild or major, your condition is valid.


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